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sticky business snail mail (hero) numero tresMy pen pal and I are always looking for ways to spice up our letters to each other. I’m always jealous of her cool paper and decorations. The other day when I was trying to find some paper to write to her on I came up with the perfect craft idea to make my plain paper a whole lot more fun!
sticky business snail mail (steps) numeros duo2

You will need…
Coloured envelopes and card,
Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape,
Scotch® Expressions Magic
™ Tape and/or Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape,
scissors, coloured markers, a pen to write with

snail mail steps2Step 1. To line the envelopes, tape all the edges (including the opening flap). Make sure you stick it down with half of the width of the tape over the edge, and then fold it over so that both sides are taped. Trim excess tape

Tallulah tip.  Scotch® expressions washi tape comes off paper easily in case you make a mistake, peel it off slowly to avoid tearing the paper.
snail mail steps numero dos3Step 2.
On the top of your card draw a curved line. Cut the tape into small triangles and stick along the line.

Tallulah tip.  Cut all the triangles out before sticking them on to save time!snail mail steps numero dos4

Step 3. Try out different styles by varying the position and shape of the flags. Make sure you always have writing space!

snail mail steps7Step 4. Now that you’re all finished decorating write a message and send to a friend!snail mail steps numero tres8snail mail steps numero tres6snail mail steps numero tres7  snail mail steps numero tres5 snail mail steps numero tres

Garden of rocks

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Candy Boxes (hero)My mum kills every plant she touches. I am not sure why because she is good at a lot of things but  put her in a 10 metre radius of a plant and you can just say bye bye. The problem is she loves plants, especially succulents, so I came up with a great mother’s day DIY that addresses all of the above problems. Jessie one of my besties came along to help out! We started off at Bunnings one of my favourite places to visit, especially the massive store in Alexandria to get most of our supplies. PS. Mum also has her off days with the camera – that’s why we are looking a tad blurry today!

Cactus rock (middle)You will need…Terracotta pots, large rocks, small pebbles, shades of green paints, paint brushes, white posca pens, paper to make origami flowers/stars

Cactus rock (step 1)

Step one. Start by cleaning your rocks and painting them in different shades of green. You may need a couple of coats to get a good coverage. Flip them over and paint both sides. While you are waiting for the paint to dry prepare your pots. I painted my pots in a previous project. But the cactus also looks great in plain terracotta pots.cactus rocks (step 5)

Cactus rocks (step 3)

Step two. Once the rocks are completely dry start adding details with your posca pens. Jessie and I used a green and white posca pen

Cactus rocks (step 6)

Step four. Fill your pot three quarters with the pebbles and then arrange your cactus rocks in your pot then fill them up a little more to secure in place

Cactus rocks (step 8)


Step five. Jessie and I added the finishing touch by sticking some origami stars that look like flowers to some of the rocks. Voila Happy mother’s day mum. This is one plant you can’t kill. Love you mum xoxo

Cactus rocks (step 9) Cactus rocks (step 10)

Wrapped Eggs

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Wrapped eggs (hero)Anybody who knows me, knows just how much I love chocolate which is why Easter is one of my favourite times of the year. Even though I know you can never go wrong with chocolate, I thought I’d get a bit crafty this year and change things up with some glittery wrap eggs. They are such a fun Easter activity, and I never thought I’d say this, but they are a great substitute for chocolate for your Easter egg hunt.wrap eggs (middle)

You will need…
Styrofoam eggs (pre-painted), glitter twine (or glitter tape), craft glue, pins

wrap eggs stepsStep 1. Start with a dab of glue anywhere on the egg to hold your twine in place.

wrap eggs steps2Step 2. Wrap the egg in twine in every direction until only a small amount of the egg is showing.

Tallulah tip. add dabs of glue randomly along the twine to hold it in place as you go.

wrap eggs steps5 Step 3. When you’re finished wrapping your egg cut the twine and glue it down. Secure it while the glue dries by pinning the end of the twine where you have put your final dab of glue. You can take the pin out later when the glue has dried, but your egg will still look great if you leave it in!

wrap eggs steps6Step 4. Experiment with different colours and materials. I tried using glitter tape which looked fabulous too! wrap eggs steps8

wrap eggs steps7

Mummy muffins!

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Halloween-Mummy-Muffins-(hero)I love Halloween. I am not sure if I am going to dress up as The Grinch or a donut (yes one of those sugary things you eat) this year, but I do know that the best part of Halloween is the treats, not the tricks. Because I have had exams at school this week, I have had to come up with some super quick treats. So here it is mummy muffins – quick and easy to make and super yummy!
You will need…….
Muffins, white frosting, candy eyeballs and a piping bag with a thin nozzle
Step 1. Put the frosting in the piping bag. Get the googly candy eyes and put a teeny bit of icing of the back of the eyes and stick them to your muffin.
Step 2. So now we are up to icing the bandages on your muffins. Start with two lines of icing and bandage either side of the googly eyes. You then know that you shouldn’t ice any further than these two lines into the eye area. Below is a step by step photo.
Step 3. Then continue to ice on the bandage strips overlapping them to create the mummy look. You don’t have to worry too much about how you do it and what direction because it always seems to turn out really well whatever you do!
Halloween-Mummy-Muffins-(step-6) Halloween-Mummy-Muffins-(step-4)
I smooth the edges with my finger (yes I washed my hands before I started) just to neaten my mummy muffins up. And now it is time for a taste test – the best part!!! Happy Halloween everyone – can’t wait to see all your costumes.Halloween-Mummy-Muffins-(step-7)Halloween-Mummy-Muffins-(step-5)

Crafty pastel pegboard

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Peg board organisation project (hero)_2As you all know I’m a bit of a craft addict. My craft supplies were getting a little out of control so I decided to do a project to get organised (and get Mum off my case)! I love the final product and hope it will inspire you to get crafty!
Peg board organisation project (middle)
You will need…….
A paintbrush, paint, a pegboard, masking tape, a small floating shelf (i got mine from Ikea), newspaper, skewers, a drill (my mums), screws and a variety of pegboard hooks. ( I pretty much got everything from Bunnings (my favourite store)

Step 1Step 2
Step 1. Place masking tape on the pegboard to create a clean line (this makes it looks really good). If you’re a messy person like me tape it twice. Let’s start painting! I am using two of my favourite colours – pink and bluey green which look good together, but feel free to pick your favourites.

You will notice some of the paint goes through the peg holes. You will want to lay down some butchers or newspaper first to avoid making a mess. Once the paint has dried use a skewer to get the paint outside of the holes.

Tallulah trick: Choose two colours that compliment each other.

Step 3
Step 2. While waiting for the paint to dry I added a shadow box to my wall to display my sonny angels (I have a lot). But you can use it to display all your favourite bits and bobs.

Step 4
Step 3. After the paint has dried peel away the masking tape (this is my favourite part)!

Tallulah trick: Peel away the tape slowly to avoid the paint from cracking to get a great result.

Step 5
Step 4. Let’s get the hooks ready. Plan how all your craft items will be organised on your board to make sure everything fits. It takes a bit of trial and error to get it right (I have a lot of craft bits and bobs). I laid everything out and took a photo on my phone beforehand to help me remember.

Tallulah trick: Get as many different hooks as you can (it reallllllly helps).

Step 6
Step 5. Let’s start assembling!! Pop your hooks in the board and double check they are secure. Lets start popping our craft bits and bops on the hooks. I also used paintbrushes to display my washi tape.

Get your drill (and parents). My Mum helped me drill my tins on from a previous project (check out my ‘turn a tin into treasure‘ post). They are handy to put all your brushes and pencils in. We drilled in a floating shelf which you can use to store books, glue and what not.

Step 7






Ombre, sparkle, shine

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Tote bags (hero)2My friends and I have been on the hunt for the perfect book bag but couldn’t find one that was just right. So I suggested we create our own. My design combines two of my favourite things, hearts and glitter. My besties from school came up with cool designs using fabric paint. Don’t be afraid to create your own design. There is nothing better than having a tote that is one of a kind!

Tote bags (middle)2You will need….
A canvas bag, A3 paper (for template), cardboard, marker, scissors, contact paper, fabric glue, paint brush, sponge, glitter, sieve, hair spray and fabric paint (optional).Tote bags (step11)

Step 1. Download and cut out my A3 heart template here. Then trace this onto your contact paper and cut.

Tallulah trick: Fold the contact in half and trace half the heart to create a perfectly symmetrical heart.

Tote bags (step2)

Step 2. Position your heart cut out in the centre of your tote, then carefully peel away the contact paper backing.

Tallulah trick: Use a metal ruler to get the bumps out of the contact.

Tote bags (step11)

Step 3. Now for the fun part – choose your glitter colours! I picked these colours to create an ombre effect but you can do whatever you fancy.

Tote bags (step3)

Step 4. Place a piece of cardboard in your tote (this is to stop glue from getting onto the back) then apply fabric glue in the heart area using a sponge. Now you can start applying your first shade of glitter. Apply a generous amount and use a sieve to create an even coverage. When you are about one third of the way up the heart change your shade of glitter. When you are about two thirds of the way up your heart apply your third shade of glitter.

Tallulah trick: Apply glue in small patches so it doesn’t dry when applying the glitter.
Blend the different colours of glitter using a dry paint brush.

Tote bags (step4)

Step 5. After your fabric glue has dried, slowly peel away the contact. Take out cardboard insert.

Tallulah trick: Spray a layer of hair spray to make the glitter set before peeling off the contact. Be careful of those pesky fumes.

Tote bags (step7)

Tote bags (step9)

Woolly pens

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Pom Pom pens (hero)

As you know, I’m a bit of a stationery lover… plus I love any excuse to make a pom pom! That’s why I made these super fluffy, extra colourful woolly pens. You can mix and match all your favourite colours to make one for every day of the week. Just be warned… they might cause some serious stationery envy!

Pom Pom pens (middle)

You will need…

Ballpoint pens, wool in assorted colours, double sided tape, craft glue, scissors, fork

Pom Pom pens1
Step 1. Start by making your pom poms. Tightly wrap some wool around your fork until you reach the end of the prongs. Remember the tighter and closer you wrap, the better! Now cut your wool and secure together with a piece of string as shown. Once it’s nice and tight, pull the wool off your fork and cut the the two ends.

Pom Pom pens2
Step 2. To make your pom pom extra fluffy, give it a good trim.

Pom Pom pens3
Step 3. Now for the pens. Start by wrapping some double sided tape around your pen, making sure the whole pen is covered evenly.

Pom Pom pens4
Step 4. Using one of your wool rolls, tie a knot around the pen (without cutting the wool from its ball). Then start wrapping around the pen as tightly as possible, peeling away the double sided tape as you go. I overlapped mine to get a nice, even finish.

Pom Pom pens5
Step 5. When you want to move onto your next colour, cut the wool and secure to the pen with some glue. When this dries, you can start on your next colour.

Pom Pom pens6
Step 6. Now you’re ready to assemble. Stick your pom pom onto the top of the pen and wait a few minutes to dry. Repeat to make as many pens in as many colour combinations as you like.

Pom Pom pens7
Happy crafting!

Pom Pom pens8


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Mother's-Day-bookmark-(hero)Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this year I thought why not give Mum something that will last a little longer than breakfast in bed! She’s a bit of a book worm… when she gets going, I often get ignored (I’m not sure if I should be encouraging that!) BUT a bookmark was the perfect thought. Only how could I make it slightly different to the usual rectangle shape? I put my thinking cap on and came up with this super easy project. You can make any shape you like, just make sure the top can slide onto your bookend!


You will need…
Felt, coloured thread, sewing needles, pins, pencil, scissors


Step 1.
 Download heart template and cut. Place the cut outs on your felt material, trace and cut again.


Step 2.
 With both hearts in place, it’s time to start sewing. Start off sewing the smaller heart on top of the large heart – this makes up the front of your bookmark.


Step 3.
 After you’ve finished decorating, sandwich your two large hearts together (pins are handy) and hand sew around the edges. Make sure you leave enough room around the opening to slide onto your book. 


Voila…The finished product! Don’t forget you can be as creative as you like with the front designs – have fun and happy reading!



Pop a lid on it!

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Easter-animal-jars-(hero)I love any excuse to use spray paint! With Easter only a week away and a few hundred jars lying around the house (yes I’ve been collecting for a while) treat jars were the perfect fit. I can’t wait to fill them with Easter eggs and give them away – my friends are going to love them!Easter-animal-jars-(m)

You will need…

Empty glass jars with lids, spray paint, butchers paper, wax paper, craft glue, gloves, plastic animals and lots of Easter eggs.


Step 1. Choose your favourite Easter animals and jars. I have lots of different kinds of Easter eggs so decided to do a whole bunch of jar sizes. Next, remove the lids and apply glue to the bottom of your little animals.


Step 2. Once you have applied the glue, gently place each animal onto a lid. Repeat step one and two for all your furry friends and press down firmly.

Tip: Make sure you don’t use too much glue, otherwise you can see it around the edges. To keep it neat and tidy you can use a toothpick or skewer to remove any extra glue.


Step 3. Now that your animals are glued onto their lids, it’s time to start spray painting. Place your butchers paper (for spray painting) on a flat surface and put your wax paper aside (for drying). Put on your gloves and let’s get spray painting!

Tip: Be sure to hold the spray paint can 20cm away from your lid. Spray from different angles for an even coat.


Step 4. Once your lids are dry, spray again with a second coat of paint.Easter-animal-jars-(steps)-5

Now the fun begins… time to start filling your treat jars with delicious chocolate eggs. Have fun and Happy Easter x

Turn tins into treasure!

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Dipped tins (hero)

Dipped tins (intro)

Being a crafty spice and all, I tend to have a lot of stationery and not much space to put it all. So I decided to make pencil tins to pretty up my desk space. I can’t wait to use them – I’ve been collecting tins from our kitchen all week, not to mention how long I spent at the paint shop picking out colours! Have fun dipping!

Dipped tins (middle)

You will need…

Dulux sample paint pots, tins, plastic containers, baking paper, pegs, line to dry

Dipped tins (steps)1

For my tins I’ve chosen pastel colours to match my desk space. They’re also perfect for Easter! You can pick whichever colours you like, but if you also like pastels, here are the names of the paints I used.
Dulux Pale Daffodil (A206)
Dulux Island Sea (A290)
Dulux Lily Legs Quarter (A27)
Dulux Monastic (A410)

Dipped tins (steps)3

Dipped tins (steps)4

Step 1. Before you get started, lay a piece of baking paper on your work table to avoid any mess. Then pour each of your paints into plastic containers.

Tip: Make sure your containers have a bigger circumference than your tins so you have plenty of room to twirl them around!

Dipped tins (steps)5

Dipped tins (steps)6

Dipped tins (steps)7

Step 2. Now for the fun part. Dip your tins into the containers of paint with the bottom side down. Once you’re done, place on a sheet of baking paper to dry. If you want to get extra creative, dip the tins in for a second coat of colour after they’ve finished drying.

Tip: When dipping, make sure you twirl the tin around in the paint to get a good coverage. This also helps to create a nice organic line!

Dipped tins (final)2

Step 3. When you’ve finished dipping, you can hang your tins on a line to dry overnight. They tend to drip a bit, so remember to place some baking paper on the floor. Once dry, you’re all ready to start filling them with up with all your stationery bits ‘n’ bobs.

Have fun and be sure to watch this space, my video tutorial is coming soon!

Dipped tins (final)1

Dipped tins (final)3