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Peg board organisation project (hero)_2As you all know I’m a bit of a craft addict. My craft supplies were getting a little out of control so I decided to do a project to get organised (and get Mum off my case)! I love the final product and hope it will inspire you to get crafty!
Peg board organisation project (middle)
You will need…….
A paintbrush, paint, a pegboard, masking tape, a small floating shelf (i got mine from Ikea), newspaper, skewers, a drill (my mums), screws and a variety of pegboard hooks. ( I pretty much got everything from Bunnings (my favourite store)

Step 1Step 2
Step 1. Place masking tape on the pegboard to create a clean line (this makes it looks really good). If you’re a messy person like me tape it twice. Let’s start painting! I am using two of my favourite colours – pink and bluey green which look good together, but feel free to pick your favourites.

You will notice some of the paint goes through the peg holes. You will want to lay down some butchers or newspaper first to avoid making a mess. Once the paint has dried use a skewer to get the paint outside of the holes.

Tallulah trick: Choose two colours that compliment each other.

Step 3
Step 2. While waiting for the paint to dry I added a shadow box to my wall to display my sonny angels (I have a lot). But you can use it to display all your favourite bits and bobs.

Step 4
Step 3. After the paint has dried peel away the masking tape (this is my favourite part)!

Tallulah trick: Peel away the tape slowly to avoid the paint from cracking to get a great result.

Step 5
Step 4. Let’s get the hooks ready. Plan how all your craft items will be organised on your board to make sure everything fits. It takes a bit of trial and error to get it right (I have a lot of craft bits and bobs). I laid everything out and took a photo on my phone beforehand to help me remember.

Tallulah trick: Get as many different hooks as you can (it reallllllly helps).

Step 6
Step 5. Let’s start assembling!! Pop your hooks in the board and double check they are secure. Lets start popping our craft bits and bops on the hooks. I also used paintbrushes to display my washi tape.

Get your drill (and parents). My Mum helped me drill my tins on from a previous project (check out my ‘turn a tin into treasure‘ post). They are handy to put all your brushes and pencils in. We drilled in a floating shelf which you can use to store books, glue and what not.

Step 7






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