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Candy Boxes (hero)My mum kills every plant she touches. I am not sure why because she is good at a lot of things but  put her in a 10 metre radius of a plant and you can just say bye bye. The problem is she loves plants, especially succulents, so I came up with a great mother’s day DIY that addresses all of the above problems. Jessie one of my besties came along to help out! We started off at Bunnings one of my favourite places to visit, especially the massive store in Alexandria to get most of our supplies. PS. Mum also has her off days with the camera – that’s why we are looking a tad blurry today!

Cactus rock (middle)You will need…Terracotta pots, large rocks, small pebbles, shades of green paints, paint brushes, white posca pens, paper to make origami flowers/stars

Cactus rock (step 1)

Step one. Start by cleaning your rocks and painting them in different shades of green. You may need a couple of coats to get a good coverage. Flip them over and paint both sides. While you are waiting for the paint to dry prepare your pots. I painted my pots in a previous project. But the cactus also looks great in plain terracotta pots.cactus rocks (step 5)

Cactus rocks (step 3)

Step two. Once the rocks are completely dry start adding details with your posca pens. Jessie and I used a green and white posca pen

Cactus rocks (step 6)

Step four. Fill your pot three quarters with the pebbles and then arrange your cactus rocks in your pot then fill them up a little more to secure in place

Cactus rocks (step 8)


Step five. Jessie and I added the finishing touch by sticking some origami stars that look like flowers to some of the rocks. Voila Happy mother’s day mum. This is one plant you can’t kill. Love you mum xoxo

Cactus rocks (step 9) Cactus rocks (step 10)

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