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Ho ho ho only 3 sleeps to go!! With all my shopping out of the way (PHEW!), I decided it was time to get creative and put a LMC spin on Christmas. Crackers are my absolute favourite part of the silly season but sometimes the toys can be a bit random. That’s why I decided to make my own and fill with my favourite treats and confetti of course. Depending on your Christmas table theme you can colour these however you wish. They are super easy and lots of fun. Merry Christmas and I look forward to sharing lots more crafty projects with you next year.


You will need…
A4 wrapping paper, gold foil paper, craft glue, toilet rolls, ribbon, cracker snaps, surprise gifts and trinkets – christmas themed of course, card paper, ruler


Step 1. Cut out two 7.5cm x 21cm strips of gold foil paper. Glue onto your A4 wrapping paper approx 4.5cm from each edge, length-ways.


Step 2. Firstly cut your toilet roll in half. Place the toilet roll length-ways in the centre of your wrapping paper. Glue your cracker snap under the leading edge of the cardboard, length-ways, then roll paper tightly around and glue in place.


Step 3. Gather the paper at one end of the cracker, and tie a decorating ribbon.


Step 4. Using my joke card template, print out on coloured card. Place inside with all your favourite Christmas gifts and trinkets – don’t be afraid to really go all out! Next, gather and decorate the other end of your cracker with ribbon. Place by each dinner plate for Christmas and treat your guests to a special surprise! Merry Christmas x





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