i scream, you scream

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Summer officially ends this Sunday and my plan is to spend as much time as I can at the beach eating ice cream ALL WEEKEND!! With this in mind, I decided to spruce up the typical ice cream cone with a cute watermelon wrap. They are super easy to make and take no time at all – you can make a whole fruit bowl of designs if you wish! A special thanks to my friend Juliette who helped me bring this craft project to life. Have fun x


You will need…
Coloured A4 card (pink and green), scissors, glue stick, black felt tip pen, double sided tape


Step 1. Download/cut out my template and trace onto coloured card. Use your pink card for part A and green card for part B.


Step 2. With both parts of your watermelon cut, it’s time to put them together.
Using a glue stick, glue part B onto the base of part A. Next, draw on your
 watermelon seeds using a felt tip pen – feel free to be as random with placement as you like.


Step 3. Cut a strip of double sided tape and attach to the inner left edge of your watermelon piece. Roll over to the other side and seal. Now all that’s left is to slip your cones in and fill with yummy ice cream… enjoy!



And afterwards this is what happened… sticky mess!!

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