Mummy muffins!

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Halloween-Mummy-Muffins-(hero)I love Halloween. I am not sure if I am going to dress up as The Grinch or a donut (yes one of those sugary things you eat) this year, but I do know that the best part of Halloween is the treats, not the tricks. Because I have had exams at school this week, I have had to come up with some super quick treats. So here it is mummy muffins – quick and easy to make and super yummy!
You will need…….
Muffins, white frosting, candy eyeballs and a piping bag with a thin nozzle
Step 1. Put the frosting in the piping bag. Get the googly candy eyes and put a teeny bit of icing of the back of the eyes and stick them to your muffin.
Step 2. So now we are up to icing the bandages on your muffins. Start with two lines of icing and bandage either side of the googly eyes. You then know that you shouldn’t ice any further than these two lines into the eye area. Below is a step by step photo.
Step 3. Then continue to ice on the bandage strips overlapping them to create the mummy look. You don’t have to worry too much about how you do it and what direction because it always seems to turn out really well whatever you do!
Halloween-Mummy-Muffins-(step-6) Halloween-Mummy-Muffins-(step-4)
I smooth the edges with my finger (yes I washed my hands before I started) just to neaten my mummy muffins up. And now it is time for a taste test – the best part!!! Happy Halloween everyone – can’t wait to see all your costumes.Halloween-Mummy-Muffins-(step-7)Halloween-Mummy-Muffins-(step-5)

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