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Tote bags (hero)2My friends and I have been on the hunt for the perfect book bag but couldn’t find one that was just right. So I suggested we create our own. My design combines two of my favourite things, hearts and glitter. My besties from school came up with cool designs using fabric paint. Don’t be afraid to create your own design. There is nothing better than having a tote that is one of a kind!

Tote bags (middle)2You will need….
A canvas bag, A3 paper (for template), cardboard, marker, scissors, contact paper, fabric glue, paint brush, sponge, glitter, sieve, hair spray and fabric paint (optional).Tote bags (step11)

Step 1. Download and cut out my A3 heart template here. Then trace this onto your contact paper and cut.

Tallulah trick: Fold the contact in half and trace half the heart to create a perfectly symmetrical heart.

Tote bags (step2)

Step 2. Position your heart cut out in the centre of your tote, then carefully peel away the contact paper backing.

Tallulah trick: Use a metal ruler to get the bumps out of the contact.

Tote bags (step11)

Step 3. Now for the fun part – choose your glitter colours! I picked these colours to create an ombre effect but you can do whatever you fancy.

Tote bags (step3)

Step 4. Place a piece of cardboard in your tote (this is to stop glue from getting onto the back) then apply fabric glue in the heart area using a sponge. Now you can start applying your first shade of glitter. Apply a generous amount and use a sieve to create an even coverage. When you are about one third of the way up the heart change your shade of glitter. When you are about two thirds of the way up your heart apply your third shade of glitter.

Tallulah trick: Apply glue in small patches so it doesn’t dry when applying the glitter.
Blend the different colours of glitter using a dry paint brush.

Tote bags (step4)

Step 5. After your fabric glue has dried, slowly peel away the contact. Take out cardboard insert.

Tallulah trick: Spray a layer of hair spray to make the glitter set before peeling off the contact. Be careful of those pesky fumes.

Tote bags (step7)

Tote bags (step9)

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