i scream, you scream

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Summer officially ends this Sunday and my plan is to spend as much time as I can at the beach eating ice cream ALL WEEKEND!! With this in mind, I decided to spruce up the typical ice cream cone with a cute watermelon wrap. They are super easy to make and take no time at all – you can make a whole fruit bowl of designs if you wish! A special thanks to my friend Juliette who helped me bring this craft project to life. Have fun x


You will need…
Coloured A4 card (pink and green), scissors, glue stick, black felt tip pen, double sided tape


Step 1. Download/cut out my template and trace onto coloured card. Use your pink card for part A and green card for part B.


Step 2. With both parts of your watermelon cut, it’s time to put them together.
Using a glue stick, glue part B onto the base of part A. Next, draw on your
 watermelon seeds using a felt tip pen – feel free to be as random with placement as you like.


Step 3. Cut a strip of double sided tape and attach to the inner left edge of your watermelon piece. Roll over to the other side and seal. Now all that’s left is to slip your cones in and fill with yummy ice cream… enjoy!



And afterwards this is what happened… sticky mess!!

Be My valentine

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Valentines-heart-pillow-(hero1)So it’s almost Valentines Day, and if you ask me, there’s nothing better than a handmade gift. With sewing being my craft of choice at the moment, I couldn’t resist making this super cute felt heart cushion. Show your friends how much you love them with a cute note slipped into the heart pocket. Let’s not forget my favourite part of the cushion, the pom pom trimming! Valentines is just around the corner so don’t leave it until the last minute… happy crafting!


You will need…
White cotton fabric (for the front), patterned fabric (for the back), pink felt (for the heart), pom pom trim, 40 x 40 cm cushion insert, sewing machine, sewing needles, pins, thread, heart template, marker, scissors, ruler.


Step 1. Download and print my valentines heart template. Using the cut out heart, pin onto your pink felt, trace and cut. Measure and cut a 42cm x 42cm square on your white cotton fabric (this will be used as the front of the cushion). On your patterned fabric measure and cut two pieces – the first at 40cm x 42cm and the second at 20cm x 42cm.


Step 2. Pin your felt heart onto the centre of your white cotton square. Next, sew carefully using a running stitch.


Step 3. Now it’s time to sew the seams of your patterned fabric which will be used for the back of your pillowcase. On the smaller piece of fabric (20cm x 42cm) sew a 1cm seam on one of the edges. Repeat this step for your larger piece (40cm x 42cm).

Valentines-heart-pillow-(step-4)Step 4. Before we assemble the pillowcase, you will need to measure and cut four strips of pom pom trim, each measuring 42cm long. Now for the fun part, let’s get sewing! Begin by assembling your fabric pieces and trimming as shown above – you will have 3 layers altogether.
Layer 1 − your white cotton fabric square with the heart facing upwards
Layer 2 − your pom pom trimming facing inward
Layer 3 − both pieces of your patterned fabric with the pattern facing downwards
With layer 3 (patterned fabric), make sure you align the smaller piece of fabric with the TOP corners/edges of layer 1. Be sure to align the larger piece of patterned fabric with the BOTTOM corners/edges of layer 1.

Once all the layers are aligned, pin together and start sewing. Set your sewing machine for a straight stitch and sew straight down the edges of all four sides. Don’t forget your 1cm seam allowance!

Valentines-heart-pillow-(step-5)Step 5. Now that all the sewing is finished, flip your pillowcase inside out and puff out the corners. Open the fold and insert your pillowcase inner… voila!


Back to school in style

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pencil cases (hero-2)
pencil cases (hero-3)

So it’s almost back to school time, and as far as I’m concerned, stocking up on stationery supplies is the best part about it! Being the crafty spice that I am, I decided to make my own pencil cases and invited my super crafty friend Juliette to help me. We had lots of fun decorating our cases with popsicles and fruits so that we can enjoy summer all year round. There’s not long to go now, so start crafting!


You will need…
White cotton fabric (for the base), patterned fabric (for the lining),
PVC (for the lining), tearaway, a 20cm zipper, sewing machine, thread, pins,
fabric paint, a sheet of lino, lino carving tool, fine paintbrush, marker, scissors, rulerpencilrubber


Step 1. First measure and cut your fabric pieces at 24cm x 17cm. There will be 6 pieces altogether – 2 x base fabric, 2 x fabric lining and 2 x PVC lining.
Step 2. Next you need to prepare your stamp using a small piece from your lino. Draw your design onto the lino using a marker then carve around it with your lino carving tool.

Step 3. Now for the fun part – you’re ready to start stamping onto your 2 pieces of your base fabric. Using a fine paintbrush, paint onto your lino stamp with fabric paint in your choice of colours.


Step 4. Then firmly press your stamp onto the fabric and pull away gently. You may need to re-apply paint onto the stamp once you notice it starting to fade.
Once you’re finished leave to dry.



Step 5. Now it’s time to sew one side of your pencil case. Begin by assembling your fabric pieces and zipper as shown in the image. You will have 4 layers altogether.
Layer 1 − 1 piece of your base fabric with the painted side facing upwards
Layer 2 −  your zipper facing downwards
Layer 3 −  1 piece of your PVC
Layer 4 −  1 piece of your lining facing downwards
Align you pieces together and pin down along the zipper side. Now straight stitch along the outside edge of the zipper. Once you’re finished sewing, flip the lining and PVC to the other side of the zipper.


Step 6. Now that one side of your case is ready we’re ready to sew the other side. Sandwich your sewn piece between the un-sewn pieces as shown in the image.
You will have 4 layers altogether.
Layer 1 − 1 piece of your base fabric with the painted side facing upwards
Layer 2 −  your sewn piece with the pattern side facing downwards
Layer 3 − 1 piece of your PVC
Layer 4 − 1 piece of your lining facing downwards
Again, align your pieces together and pin down along the zipper side and straight stitch along the outside edge.


Step 7. To sew the sides of your case it will need to be turned inside out (with lining facing outwards). Make sure your zipper is unzipped. Place strips of tearaway alongside the edges that need to be sewn (on BOTH front and back) and secure everything together with pins. Now straight stitch along the three edges. When sewing the left and right sides, it’s important to stitch as closely as possible to the zipper stops. When you’ve finished sewing, you will need pull off the tearaway.


Step 8. Now that it’s all sewn together, flip out your pencil case and voila!



Ho ho ho

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Ho ho ho only 3 sleeps to go!! With all my shopping out of the way (PHEW!), I decided it was time to get creative and put a LMC spin on Christmas. Crackers are my absolute favourite part of the silly season but sometimes the toys can be a bit random. That’s why I decided to make my own and fill with my favourite treats and confetti of course. Depending on your Christmas table theme you can colour these however you wish. They are super easy and lots of fun. Merry Christmas and I look forward to sharing lots more crafty projects with you next year.


You will need…
A4 wrapping paper, gold foil paper, craft glue, toilet rolls, ribbon, cracker snaps, surprise gifts and trinkets – christmas themed of course, card paper, ruler


Step 1. Cut out two 7.5cm x 21cm strips of gold foil paper. Glue onto your A4 wrapping paper approx 4.5cm from each edge, length-ways.


Step 2. Firstly cut your toilet roll in half. Place the toilet roll length-ways in the centre of your wrapping paper. Glue your cracker snap under the leading edge of the cardboard, length-ways, then roll paper tightly around and glue in place.


Step 3. Gather the paper at one end of the cracker, and tie a decorating ribbon.


Step 4. Using my joke card template, print out on coloured card. Place inside with all your favourite Christmas gifts and trinkets – don’t be afraid to really go all out! Next, gather and decorate the other end of your cracker with ribbon. Place by each dinner plate for Christmas and treat your guests to a special surprise! Merry Christmas x





You name it!

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Last weekend I celebrated my belated 14th Birthday and it was so much fun. I don’t want to tell you too much right now as we have another blog post coming with all the details very soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share this post on the watermelon name badges I created for all my friends and family. You’ve probably guessed by now that watermelons are my absolute favourite so I couldn’t resist! They are super easy and take no time. You could make a whole fruit bowl if you wish – happy crafting!

You will need…
Felt material (pink, green, black and white), white thread, needle, scissors, coloured card, pin piece and a pencil


Step 1. Download my template and cut out all the different pieces. Firstly, trace the large wedge twice onto your green felt. Next, trace the medium wedge onto your white felt, followed by the small wedge onto your pink felt. FInally, using the black felt cut out your five seeds. Once you have all these pieces traced, cut out carefully.


Step 2. Begin by placing your white wedge onto one of the green pieces (so that they line up in the bottom corner). Sew the two pieces together along the curved edge using a single stitch. Now place the pink wedge on top and do the same. Lay out your black seeds and sew them randomly on the watermelon using a single stitch.


Step 3. Using your second green wedge, sew this using a blanket stitch around the outside of your watermelon shape.

Step 4. Now it’s time to sew your pin piece onto the back (centre) of your wedge. Once that’s done, trace your name tag template onto a piece of coloured card and cut. Sew this onto the back of your watermelon wedge and then all that’s left is to name your tags!





Polka dots at your doorstep

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Polka dot doormat (hero)

Our dog Champ is normally so well behaved, but when it comes to our doormat, she can sometimes get a bit too excited. So I thought why not make another one! Our last doormat wasn’t that exciting, that’s why I decided to make this one really fun and colourful. If Champ could talk, I’m sure she’d tell me how much she loves it!

Polka dot doormat (middle)

You will need…
A doormat, three thick sponges, scissors, permanent marker, acrylic paint,
paint brush

Polka dot doormat (step 1)

Step 1. Using my template, cut out three circles (small, medium and large) then trace onto your sponges using a permanent marker. Cut each one out and you’re ready to get started!

Polka dot doormat (step 3)

Step 2. Paint your three sponge with a generous layer of acrylic paint. I’ve used two colours, but you can use as many as you like.

Polka dot doormat (step 3.5)

Polka dot doormat (step 4)

Step 3. Now it’s time to start stamping your sponges onto the doormat to create a polka dot pattern. If you need to touch up any, you can go over the circles with a paintbrush. Leave to dry overnight and voila, your doormat is ready to go!

Polka dot doormat (step 5)

Polka dot doormat (final)

Summer lovin’

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Summer is just about here and I’m in full party planning mode. My actual birthday has been and gone – I’m born in August but summer parties are way more fun. So with that in mind, can you guess what the theme of my party is?? I had so much fun making this watermelon piñata that I don’t want to bust it open – maybe I’ll just have to make another one. Enjoy! x


You will need…
Cardboard (I’ve just broken down an old box), crepe paper (dark pink, light pink, green and black), scissors, paper tape, ribbon, stanley knife, craft glue or a glue stick, string, ruler, pencil, paint brush, ribbon


Step 1. Cut your two watermelon wedge shapes out of cardboard – approx 46cm on a 60-degree angle.



Step 2. Cut two long strips of cardboard that are the length of your watermelon – approx 13cm(w) x 46cm(l). Use paper tape to attach these to your wedge shapes. Wet the tape to make sure it sticks well.


Step 3. Use string to work out the length of the curved edge and measure with a ruler. Cut another strip of card 13cm(w) by the length of the piece of string – mine is 13cm(w) x 47cm(l). Bend this piece of card around the curved edge and tape in place using the paper tape.


Step 4. Now it’s time to make the flap opening for your treats! Measure a flap approx 9cm(w) x 10cm(l) on one of the side pieces. Cut with a stanley knife and make sure you only cut the sides and bottom so that the top acts like a hinge.


Step 5. Decorating time!! Cut your crepe paper into 4cm strips and snip into them to create a fringe. Paste the crepe paper onto your watermelon shape using craft glue. Start from the bottom and work your way up, overlapping the fringe to cover all the cardboard. Next, cut small seed shapes out of black crepe paper and glue on randomly – make your seeds any size you like.
Tip: I’ve used both light and dark pink crepe paper to create an ombre effect.


Step 6. Lightly score your flap opening again so that it opens easily with the crepe paper on. Finally, pierce a small hole in the top centre, thread through ribbon and loop into place to create a handle. Depending on where you’ll be hanging your piñata from, you can make this any length you wish.

Step 7. Now for the best part… Fill your watermelon piñata with your favourite treats!!


I witch you a Happy Halloween

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Trick or Treat… Give me something good to eat… Give me candy… Give me cake… Give me something sweet to take! Halloween is only two sleeps away and I can’t wait to go trick or treating with my friends. This year I’m dressing up as the black swan so needed a little colour POP to add to my outfit. These treat bags are super easy to make and take no time at all. You can fill them with whatever treats you like and use them as bags or decoration. Have a spooktakular time and a fang-tastic Halloween!!


You will need…
Coloured A4 card, (warm shades work well – orange, yellow, brown), scissors, stanley knife, pencil, ruler, green ribbon, hole puncher, crepe paper (black), assorted halloween themed lollies


Step 1. Using your A4 coloured card, mark out 24 strips approx 1.5cm x 18cm in length and cut. I’ve used a stanley knife to cut these to make sure they are nice and straight.



Step 2. Once you have cut all your strips out, punch a hole on both ends. Make sure you punch in the same position and not too close to the edge! Once you have all your strips punched, stack them all together.


Step 3. Now it’s time to add the ribbon! Thread your ribbon through one end and tie a knot to hold in place. Repeat on the other end bending your strips gently as you go to form your round pumpkin shape. When you’re happy with the shape, tie a knot to secure. Cut your ribbon off where ever you like – if you want to tie it on your arm make sure it’s long enough to tie around your wrist.


Step 4. With your two ends both tied, fan out the the strips evenly to make your pumpkin come to life.


Step 5. Now for the fun part – adding the lollies! Cut out a 15cm x 15cm piece of crepe paper – I’ve used black so it stands out inside my pumpkin. Place a small handful of lollies in the centre, then wrap and secure with a piece of ribbon. Make as many lolly bags as you like – make sure you don’t eat too many along the way like I did. Happy Halloween!




Dazzle shine sparkle

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I’m too young to know about diamonds being my best friend and all that BUT you know how much I love a garland – especially a rainbow coloured one! Originally I made this garland to jazz up my bedroom BUT Mum got her hands on it first and it ended up in the store window… surprise surprise!


You will need…
Coloured card (lots of different colours if you can), gold paper, my template, ruler, pencil, scissors, fishing line, needle, glue


Step 1. Download my template, print and cut out. First, trace the large shape onto your coloured card and cut. Next, trace the triangle shape onto your gold paper and cut.


Step 2. Score the lines on your diamond shape to match the template lines.


Step 3. Fold along the score lines and glue down the tabs. Make sure you leave one side open so that you can tie into a garland at the end.


Step 4. Using your needle and fishing line, thread through your diamond and glue the open side down as you go. Once you have all your diamonds threaded together, stick the gold triangle shape on one side of each (doesn’t matter which side) for decoration. Make as many as you like in as many colours as you wish…have fun!





Ta-dah… The finished project!

Bold & Bright & Organised

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Mum has always said I am super organised – I like being on time, I like to know my plan/schedule for the week and I like to know where all my stuff is. So when I am doing my school work I like to be really organised and have fun things around me. Every time I get an assignment I try and work out how I can answer the question by making something crafty, which is much more fun than writing – don’t you think?

I have always loved getting all my supplies at the beginning of the year, covering my books in fun colours and prints and preparing my pencil case with cute study essentials. Starting fresh, makes me excited for the new school year and I look forward to visiting my local Officeworks to find something cool. During my last visit with Mum, we discovered that Officeworks has introduced four new style ranges – Bright and Bold, Clean and Natural, Vintage Cool and Minimalist. Mum loved all of the Clean and Natural products, but my favourite was the Bright and Bold range of course! There were so many books and diaries that came in awesome colours, but I decided to go with purple and pink.


I thought it was really clever how the storage boxes have spots and zig zags on them. It’s like when I make my craft you have to think of those things – it’s all in the detail. I chose one that has polka dots on the inside – that’s where I’m keeping all of my sticky notes and knick knacks. It’s also perfect for my crafting, as I like to keep all the left overs and little things like glitter, ribbon and poms poms. You never know when you might need them again, and it’s just such a shame to throw out beautiful things.

I managed to pop a few extras in our basket when nobody was looking like the Logitech speakers and Insystem earphones. I find that listening to music is really inspiring when I’m crafting and it also keeps me entertained when I’m waiting for the photographer to wrap up shooting of my craft projects.


It’s not always about having the most expensive things though; some of the best products and my favourite craft tools are really affordable at Officeworks. I think it’s really important to get creative and decorate your workspace with things which suit your personality – it’s your special space so you should fill it with things you love!

I suggest having a think about what things make you feel organised and what things make you feel happy. If you combine those things together, you’re likely to have a good year. For me, bright and bold colours help me to do my best work because:

  1. I organise myself by allocating a colour to each of my subjects and craft projects
  2. It makes doing boring stuff like homework not that boring
  3. Colour makes me happy
  4. Colour stimulates my brain

For those of you who are also inspired by a bright and bold workspace, you can view the range via the links below. To join in on the fun and get crafty like me, simply use #MoreMyStyle and @officeworks – I can’t wait to see what you create!

P.S. Who doesn’t love a post-it-note – whoever invented them was a genius!