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Easter-animal-jars-(hero)I love any excuse to use spray paint! With Easter only a week away and a few hundred jars lying around the house (yes I’ve been collecting for a while) treat jars were the perfect fit. I can’t wait to fill them with Easter eggs and give them away – my friends are going to love them!Easter-animal-jars-(m)

You will need…

Empty glass jars with lids, spray paint, butchers paper, wax paper, craft glue, gloves, plastic animals and lots of Easter eggs.


Step 1. Choose your favourite Easter animals and jars. I have lots of different kinds of Easter eggs so decided to do a whole bunch of jar sizes. Next, remove the lids and apply glue to the bottom of your little animals.


Step 2. Once you have applied the glue, gently place each animal onto a lid. Repeat step one and two for all your furry friends and press down firmly.

Tip: Make sure you don’t use too much glue, otherwise you can see it around the edges. To keep it neat and tidy you can use a toothpick or skewer to remove any extra glue.


Step 3. Now that your animals are glued onto their lids, it’s time to start spray painting. Place your butchers paper (for spray painting) on a flat surface and put your wax paper aside (for drying). Put on your gloves and let’s get spray painting!

Tip: Be sure to hold the spray paint can 20cm away from your lid. Spray from different angles for an even coat.


Step 4. Once your lids are dry, spray again with a second coat of paint.Easter-animal-jars-(steps)-5

Now the fun begins… time to start filling your treat jars with delicious chocolate eggs. Have fun and Happy Easter x

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