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sticky business snail mail (hero) numero tresMy pen pal and I are always looking for ways to spice up our letters to each other. I’m always jealous of her cool paper and decorations. The other day when I was trying to find some paper to write to her on I came up with the perfect craft idea to make my plain paper a whole lot more fun!
sticky business snail mail (steps) numeros duo2

You will need…
Coloured envelopes and card,
Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape,
Scotch® Expressions Magic
™ Tape and/or Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape,
scissors, coloured markers, a pen to write with

snail mail steps2Step 1. To line the envelopes, tape all the edges (including the opening flap). Make sure you stick it down with half of the width of the tape over the edge, and then fold it over so that both sides are taped. Trim excess tape

Tallulah tip.  Scotch® expressions washi tape comes off paper easily in case you make a mistake, peel it off slowly to avoid tearing the paper.
snail mail steps numero dos3Step 2.
On the top of your card draw a curved line. Cut the tape into small triangles and stick along the line.

Tallulah tip.  Cut all the triangles out before sticking them on to save time!snail mail steps numero dos4

Step 3. Try out different styles by varying the position and shape of the flags. Make sure you always have writing space!

snail mail steps7Step 4. Now that you’re all finished decorating write a message and send to a friend!snail mail steps numero tres8snail mail steps numero tres6snail mail steps numero tres7  snail mail steps numero tres5 snail mail steps numero tres

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