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Dipped tins (hero)

Dipped tins (intro)

Being a crafty spice and all, I tend to have a lot of stationery and not much space to put it all. So I decided to make pencil tins to pretty up my desk space. I can’t wait to use them – I’ve been collecting tins from our kitchen all week, not to mention how long I spent at the paint shop picking out colours! Have fun dipping!

Dipped tins (middle)

You will need…

Dulux sample paint pots, tins, plastic containers, baking paper, pegs, line to dry

Dipped tins (steps)1

For my tins I’ve chosen pastel colours to match my desk space. They’re also perfect for Easter! You can pick whichever colours you like, but if you also like pastels, here are the names of the paints I used.
Dulux Pale Daffodil (A206)
Dulux Island Sea (A290)
Dulux Lily Legs Quarter (A27)
Dulux Monastic (A410)

Dipped tins (steps)3

Dipped tins (steps)4

Step 1. Before you get started, lay a piece of baking paper on your work table to avoid any mess. Then pour each of your paints into plastic containers.

Tip: Make sure your containers have a bigger circumference than your tins so you have plenty of room to twirl them around!

Dipped tins (steps)5

Dipped tins (steps)6

Dipped tins (steps)7

Step 2. Now for the fun part. Dip your tins into the containers of paint with the bottom side down. Once you’re done, place on a sheet of baking paper to dry. If you want to get extra creative, dip the tins in for a second coat of colour after they’ve finished drying.

Tip: When dipping, make sure you twirl the tin around in the paint to get a good coverage. This also helps to create a nice organic line!

Dipped tins (final)2

Step 3. When you’ve finished dipping, you can hang your tins on a line to dry overnight. They tend to drip a bit, so remember to place some baking paper on the floor. Once dry, you’re all ready to start filling them with up with all your stationery bits ‘n’ bobs.

Have fun and be sure to watch this space, my video tutorial is coming soon!

Dipped tins (final)1

Dipped tins (final)3

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