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Pom Pom pens (hero)

As you know, I’m a bit of a stationery lover… plus I love any excuse to make a pom pom! That’s why I made these super fluffy, extra colourful woolly pens. You can mix and match all your favourite colours to make one for every day of the week. Just be warned… they might cause some serious stationery envy!

Pom Pom pens (middle)

You will need…

Ballpoint pens, wool in assorted colours, double sided tape, craft glue, scissors, fork

Pom Pom pens1
Step 1. Start by making your pom poms. Tightly wrap some wool around your fork until you reach the end of the prongs. Remember the tighter and closer you wrap, the better! Now cut your wool and secure together with a piece of string as shown. Once it’s nice and tight, pull the wool off your fork and cut the the two ends.

Pom Pom pens2
Step 2. To make your pom pom extra fluffy, give it a good trim.

Pom Pom pens3
Step 3. Now for the pens. Start by wrapping some double sided tape around your pen, making sure the whole pen is covered evenly.

Pom Pom pens4
Step 4. Using one of your wool rolls, tie a knot around the pen (without cutting the wool from its ball). Then start wrapping around the pen as tightly as possible, peeling away the double sided tape as you go. I overlapped mine to get a nice, even finish.

Pom Pom pens5
Step 5. When you want to move onto your next colour, cut the wool and secure to the pen with some glue. When this dries, you can start on your next colour.

Pom Pom pens6
Step 6. Now you’re ready to assemble. Stick your pom pom onto the top of the pen and wait a few minutes to dry. Repeat to make as many pens in as many colour combinations as you like.

Pom Pom pens7
Happy crafting!

Pom Pom pens8

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