Wrapped Eggs

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Wrapped eggs (hero)Anybody who knows me, knows just how much I love chocolate which is why Easter is one of my favourite times of the year. Even though I know you can never go wrong with chocolate, I thought I’d get a bit crafty this year and change things up with some glittery wrap eggs. They are such a fun Easter activity, and I never thought I’d say this, but they are a great substitute for chocolate for your Easter egg hunt.wrap eggs (middle)

You will need…
Styrofoam eggs (pre-painted), glitter twine (or glitter tape), craft glue, pins

wrap eggs stepsStep 1. Start with a dab of glue anywhere on the egg to hold your twine in place.

wrap eggs steps2Step 2. Wrap the egg in twine in every direction until only a small amount of the egg is showing.

Tallulah tip. add dabs of glue randomly along the twine to hold it in place as you go.

wrap eggs steps5 Step 3. When you’re finished wrapping your egg cut the twine and glue it down. Secure it while the glue dries by pinning the end of the twine where you have put your final dab of glue. You can take the pin out later when the glue has dried, but your egg will still look great if you leave it in!

wrap eggs steps6Step 4. Experiment with different colours and materials. I tried using glitter tape which looked fabulous too! wrap eggs steps8

wrap eggs steps7

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